Working with ThinkWay

(March 23, 2020) Notice: Given the current pandemic crisis, all services are delivered virtually until further notice.

(Our ThinkPoints® strategy web app is actually designed to work with a distributed workforce. We provide web-based video conferencing tools.)


Details Of How We Work With You

You start with a no obligation call to discuss the challenge you’re facing. We can review our approach and walk through five steps to getting a successful strategy outcome. 



We meet with you to clearly define the goal you want to achieve, the strategy team that will be responsible for developing and delivering that strategy, and to answer any questions you have about the process. We’ll also decide about the logistics for your first workshop.



You and your team will be subscribed to our exclusive browser-based ThinkPoints® strategy web app just prior to your first workshop. ThinkPoints® is easy to learn and enables, aligns and engages your team and tracks all your strategies.



We’ll lead you through a 1 or 2 day highly collaborative workshop for you and your team. It is in this workshop that you’ll not only develop your strategy but you and your team will also learn our proprietary strategy development methodology that you’ll be able to use over and over again in the future as new strategic challenges arise. And we’ll answer any questions about how to use ThinkPoints®.



After your workshop, we will help you finalize your strategy and activate it in your organization so you begin seeing progress towards your goals almost immediately. Finalization includes completing any follow-ups coming out of the workshop, making sure all the deliverables and tasks needed to execute the strategy are in place, and converting your strategy into a presentation you can use for board or management approval and other communication needs you may have.



We provide quarterly follow-ups for the first year where we meet with you and your strategy leadership team to keep things on track to deliver your goals. And because of our decades of strategy and innovation experience, we provide other custom advisory services as needed.

At the end of your workshop experience, you will have all the tools you need to develop strategies to conquer other challenges that inevitably will arise in your business. You become the primary strategist for your organization. We are your support when you need it.